South Korea: SEOULiloquies / Day 3 Itinerary

Day 3. Parts of SEOUL we don't know that much. Sooooooo, on my third day I went around different parts of Seoul that we don't know are actually sites for most Koreanovelas. This day involved some of hill hiking and youngsters vibe. lol. 1st STOP: IHWA MURAL VILLAGE How to get here: Ride Train Line... Continue Reading →


South Korea: SEOULiloquies / DAY 2 ITINERARY

DAY 2. This is SEOUL, as we all know it. My day 2 is my first full day in Seoul and I have everything planned out. Today will be all about South Korea's culture and arts. How was South Korea in the past and the present. 1st STOP: GYEONGBOKGUNG PALACE My first stop is the... Continue Reading →

South Korea: SEOULiloquies / DAY 1

DAY 1. From Philippines to South Korea. As I was walking in thru the immigration at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I was thinking to myself that this is really thrilling and I am very excited. It's my first time to travel alone and the mixed feelings of excitement and maybe fear is indescribable. I am... Continue Reading →

SOUTH KOREA & my SEOULiloquies.

March 2017.  Seoul, South Korea has always been a dream destination for me. It all started in college, when Koreanovelas has become my comfort shows every time I would want to take a breather from all the studying. I would even spend most of my free time watching it and binge watch until early in... Continue Reading →

Music: A One-Sided Love Affair

Music has been a part of my life. I breathe, live, dream, love, cry, hate, and speak through music. I express anything and everything there is to express about. I discovered that I can sing when I was a freshman in college and from then on believed that I really could! 😂 I play a... Continue Reading →

Singapore: The Lion City

AUGUST 2015. Singapore has been a dream country for me to visit. Believe me or not but the reason is not some touristy one. Haha! I have studied this country way back in college and I was just amazed on how Lee Kuan Yew transformed this country into what it is now through his leadership... Continue Reading →

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